Track & Trace Info offers online insight information into the actual status and time of your delivery.

Using Track & Trace Info offers advantages for receivers, transporters and consignors.

Customers can also be informed about the delivery time in advance, through email, Twitter or text message (SMS).

Companies using EDI, XLS or XML files can make free use of our extensive EDI configuration systems and upload facilities.
CargoCloud is your Cargo portal in the Cloud!
It brings transport solutions online for you and your clients.

You can control your own server and all your applications.
And you are free to customize and style all logistic software in your corporate identity.

It's the most secure allround transport software available.
SMS Wurst is a SMS text message bulk system. SMS Wurst buys huge amounts of text messages and offers customers an attractive price.

Examples of companies using SMS Wurst are transport companies sending notifications about their delivery times or security companies sending updates about their serveillance.

Messages can be sent as coming from your company address (From Address), so the recipient does not see that the message is sent from SMS Wurst but instead from your company.
CargoOffice holds virtually all of the traditional Transport Management functions and provides communication facilities with all supply chain parties involved, often fully automated.

Some use CargoOffice as a toolbox to extend services of their current systems. Therefore CargoOffice parts are easy to embed in your own website or platform.

CargoOffice is also known for its is community software, a collaboration area where logistics and transportation companies do business.
CargoStart is a simple Transport Management System and provides functionality from order entry to invoice.

CargoStart is also suitable for carriers willing to make an impact in digitization without too much effort or investment.

CargoStart functionality includes:
- order entry, management and forwarding.
- printing of transport documents, like CMR,
  Bill of Lading and shipping labels with barcodes.
- creating and forwarding of invoices.
Try CargoStart for free, up to 25 orders.
With Transport Invoice you can create invoices from any location or device, at any time. Your invoice is available as a PDF.

Logged-in users have options to print standardized texts, company logos or customized invoices per customer.

Transport Invoice can also archive your invoices in your own portal or import and export invoice data to other software programs.
In the file format of your choice.

Check it out here.
FreeCargo is one of the oldest Freight Exchanges of this planet and is world wide available and accessible.

The FreeCargo Freight Exchange is mostly used by closed user groups. FreeCargo offers the unique option to create your own groups of preferred users and companies.

FreeCargo is available for transport companies only and will always be free of charge.
CMR Print gives you the opportunity to print your CMR for free!

With CMR Print you are able to create CMR's from any location or any device, at any moment you like. Your CMR will be available as PDF.

We can offer you other solutions and printing methods as well. These includes options to print on your own CMR-page and to add your own standarized texts or field names. Or to print logo's and barcodes on your CMR or even to store your order and print your CMR afterwards.
The TransportGuide is a free tool to find transport companies.
Search options include filters for modality, equipment, hazardous goods etc.

Currently more than 15.000 transport companies from all over the world are listed inside the TransportGuide.

Registered users can build their own private community of reliable partners and send RFQs (Request for Quotation) to their partners.
Process EDI uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interpret incoming data and filter out relevant information. The type of data does not matter, nor the type of file (Edifact, Bordero, TIR, XML, ASCII, CSV, TTM etc).
Up to 90% of the information is automatically recognized by a self-learning process that can be fine tuned through a configurator.

ProcessEDI has extensive international experience and processes thousands of data files per day. Are you interested in automating your digital data exchange and order flow?
Then choose Process EDI!
TransportSticker is a free service to print a sticker or label of your shipment.
Optionally, you can print the sticker in HTML or PDF format.

Among other things, the sticker shows delivery data and a barcode with tracking number.

TransportSticker can easily be connected to any of your current automation systems.

By request TransportSticker can create a custom made sticker for you.
Warehouse Wurst is a simple warehouse system for carriers and logistic service providers.

Warehouse Wurst combines all basic warehouse management functions; easy storage location administration, online customer order stock management and integrated tools from warehouse orders to: transport orders, planning, allocation and dispatch, etc.

Included are options for import and export of products, orders, and financial data as well as options for EDI-imports and EDI-exports to clients or customers.
Transport Commander displays an overview of all your active shipments of all your carriers and charters.

You are free to choose your own business partners and link them to your overview.
Transport Commander can offer direct order entry to all carriers working for you and gives you options to print and manage documents, like shipping labels, CMR's and BoL's.

Many other options are available, for instance to display track status and estimated arrival times in your overview.