The TransportGuide is a free tool to find transport companies.
Search options include filters for modality, equipment, hazardous goods etc.

Currently more than 15.000 transport companies from all over the world are listed inside the TransportGuide.

Registered users can build their own private community of reliable partners and send RFQs (Request for Quotation) to their partners.
TrackTrace.Info is a tool for transporting companies informing their consignors and recipients in real time about the status of their shipment.

Dates and times can be created for each shipment status. TrackTrace.Info automatically forwards the new status to the sender and the recipient.

TrackTrace.Info will improve the transports' efficiency and will save a lot of time spend on phones talking to customers.
FreeCargo is one of the oldest Freight Exchanges of this planet and is world wide available and accessible.

The FreeCargo Freight Exchange is mostly used by closed user groups. FreeCargo offers the unique option to create your own groups of preferred users and companies.

FreeCargo is available for transport companies only and will always be free of charge.
CMR Print gives you the opportunity to print your CMR for free!

With CMR Print you are able to create CMR's from any location or any device, at any moment you like. Your CMR will be available as PDF.

We can offer you other solutions and printing methods as well. These includes options to print on your own CMR-page and to add your own standarized texts or field names. Or to print logo's and barcodes on your CMR or even to store your order and print your CMR afterwards.
By using TransportSticker you are able to print your desired label that you can add to the package you want to have transported.

TransportSticker is created for Carriers as well as Consignors. TransportSticker can easily be connected to any of your current automation systems.

Logged in users have choice out of 10 different labels.

By request TransportSticker can create a custom made sticker for you.
Transport Commander is your Control Tower to manage all your shipments, at any carrier, to anywhere, from anywhere.

All your shipments on one page, assign shipments to carriers and send out orders and EDI files.
Follow your shipments and monitor position, status, warnings, delays etc.
Print documents (Manifests, Labels, CMRs, BoL, etc).

Transport Commander is a cloud software application designed for shippers and forwarders.
With Transport Invoice you can create invoices from any location or device, at any time. Your invoice is available as a PDF.

Logged-in users have options to print standardized texts, company logos or customized invoices per customer.

Transport Invoice can also archive your invoices in your own portal or import and export invoice data to other software programs.
In the file format of your choice.

Check it out here.
CargoOffice holds virtually all of the traditional Transport Management functions and provides communication facilities with all supply chain parties involved, often fully automated.

Some use CargoOffice as a toolbox to extend services of their current systems. Therefore CargoOffice parts are easy to embed in your own website or platform.

CargoOffice is also known for its is community software, a collaboration area where logistics and transportation companies do business.